Sunday, December 19, 2010

Helping A Needy Family For Christmas

The Skipstone Family is working to help a family in need this Christmas. We were given the family's information from one of the local public schools as a family who is truly in need of assistance. I have spoken to the mom myself and she is so appreciative of anything we can do to help. She is a single mom with four children.

Stuff We Still Need In Red...

#1 Keiley (1 year old girl)
Wish List:
Toys - Buckalew Family, Tanner & Nick Sims' Family
Blanket - Buckalew Family

#2 Drakel (11 year old boy)
Wish List:
Football - Coker Family
Basketball - Coker Family
Bike - Slaughter Family
Nintendo DS -
School supplies - Coker Family
Backpack - Tanner & Nick Sims' Family
Winter coat (boy's large) - Coker Family
Shirt size: boys medium -
Pants size: 12 -
Shoe size: 5.5 -
Stocking - Skipstone Middle Schoolers

#3 Jadarrius (13 year old boy)
Wish List:
Roller blades (size 8) -
Gift cards - Moody's (Walmart - $20)
Graphing calculator - Kate Fisher's Family
Basketball - Tanner & Nick Sims' Family
School supplies - Moody's
Backpack - Sara Reeves' Family
Winter coat (men's large) -
Shirt size: men's medium tall -
Pants size: 31/32 -
Shoes: 7.5 -
Stocking - Skipstone Middle Schoolers

#4 Shaquania (17 year old girl)
Wish List:
Walmart Giftcard - Tanner & Nick Sims Family ($30), Moody's
Target Giftcard -
Stereo - Hunter Leverett's Family
Backpack - Sara Reeves' Family
School Supplies - Moody's
Stocking: Skipstone Middle Schoolers

Mom -
Stocking - Sara Reeves' Family
Giftcards - Tanner & Nick Sims Family ($100-Walmart), Sara Reeves' Family ($30-Kroger)
Giftbag - Hunter Leverett's Family

All Kids
Fooseball Table - Brayden Williams Family

Other age appropriate toys, etc would be great too. Just text me or email me...

Text me or email me if you would like to purchase one or more of these items so we can try not to duplicate and make sure we are able to make their Christmas be amazing! or 678-588-8282
We will be delivering the gifts next Thursday (23rd) or Friday (24th).

If you would like to help the family financially (rent and electric), please let me know also.

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